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Who is CyberGym Europe

CyberGym Europe is a joint-stock company established to build the very first professional Training Arena in Europe based on the original Israeli concept developed by CyberGym. CyberGym Europe came into existence by joining experts with many years of experience in ICT security business together with a private investor. Our exclusive training center, located in Řitka near Prague, provides for a unique training base enabling us to accommodate the highest demands of our customers.

Our partner, the original CyberGym facility, is a joint venture of the Israel Electric Corporation ( and CyberControl, a major consulting cyber-security company of veterans of the Israeli army and security forces.

CyberGym Europe´s Unique Approach

CYBERGYM EUROPE introduces a unique method, originally based on a military approach to cybersecurity, providing customers with highly specialized training services in this area. This approach is unique in that we strongly focus on the human factor of cyber-defense and particularly on teambased performance. We regard the human factor to be crucial in a situation where the nature of the potential attackers is changing.

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CyberGym Europe´s Mission

We are training our customers towards efficient prevention, fast detection and successful mitigation of even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.