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IEC's CyberGym solutions expands to Czech Republic in the fight against cyber attacks

September 7, 2015, The Jerusalem Post - Training workers to defend infrastructure and energy systems from unwanted cyber intrusions, the Israel Electric Corporation’s CyberGym is now expanding its business to the Czech Republic. Read more...

Cyber-security firm CyberGym to build commercial Training Arena in Czech Republic

September 4, 2015, Radio Prague - Israeli cyber-security firm CyberGym plans to build its first commercial Training Arena in the Czech Republic. Customers will be able to acquire defensives against even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks, the company says. It will mainly serve institutions using key infrastructure for which a potential cyber-attack could impact the whole of society, such as banking, energy and telecommunication providers. The arena is set to open in Řitka near Prague in February next year. According to CyberGym’s head, Ofir Hason, the Czech Republic was selected because it had some of the best IT experts in the world and is one of the first countries to a adopt law on cybernetic security. Listen

European ‘good guy hackers’ to get workout in Israel’s CyberGym

September 4, 2015, The Times of Israel - As a perennial target of cyber-attacks, Israel has done a good job of developing, and exporting, cyber-security systems to protect against myriad hackers, crackers, cyber-thieves, and online activists intent on bringing down businesses, banks, and even governments. Read more...

Cyber attack training center to open near Prague

September 2, 2015, Prague Post - “The Training Arena project will bring huge benefits to the CzechRepublic. Its launch will become a major stepping-stone for the establishment of a European Cyber-Security Excellence Center (EuCybSEC), representing concentrated and consolidated cyber-security know-how and associating partners who can bring added value to this domain,” Tomáš Přibyl, the new CEO of CyberGym Europe, said in a press release. Read more...

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