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About CYBERGYM Europe’s Training

CyberGym Europe’s training programs have been developed by Israel’s leading cyber-security experts both from the military/intelligence special units and governmental critical infrastructure, relying on years of guarding against Israel’s unique security threats. Our instructors have battle proven experience from various fields of expertise varying from social engineering to information security experts and all from an offensive & defensive perspective.

CyberGym Europe offers several types of training programs, targeting the needs of your organization. All programs are dynamically developed and are tailored to specified requirements and environment. All programs aim to enhance your organizations’ response to cyber-hreats, your teams’ reactions and their ability to act calmly and professionally when under attack. The techniques taught and practiced throughout the training will prove useful to your organization from day one as the training is tailor-made specifically for you.

CyberGym Europe’s training Arena engages three teams simultaneously: an attacking team (Red), a defending team (Blue) and a management and debriefing team (White). During this “war-game”, the Red Team attacks the Blue Teams via multiple vectors and using both technological and non-technological means such as social engineering. The level of training is geared to fit the knowledge and capabilities of the trainees and is customized to their organizational setup. CyberGym Europe’s training awards the trainee a professional Certificate to all its graduates.

The training consists of cyber-war scenarios, in which your personnel - IT specialists, control engineers, operators, managers and service employees - can experience and exercise all aspects of real cyber-attacks and learn to respond to them and to fend them off as one unit, and all in a realistic technological environment customized to your organization.


The whole training is recorded and used for debriefing and improving your skills against cyber-attacks. in one training session your employees will gain the experience, tools and skills that your organization needs. The gained experience from the hands-on training, providing your employees the advanced skills and high capabilities for actively responding and countering cyber-attacks in real time events.

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